Currently, communication becomes more complex, faster and more dynamic every day. In this context, communication switches channels on traditional media to online applications. Thus, the electronic communication threatens, if not take the physical communication. We live in the era of information and the information they seek more ways than quick, cheap and accessible spread. Among the most common methods of electronic communication including website, electronic newsletter, blog and email custom. Online marketing has its roots in traditional marketing, but branch out and in a very obvious due to a unique features: interactivity. On the Internet, communication takes place in two directions and not just one, as in traditional marketing. At the same time, sellers and buyers can complete transactions from their homes or offices, at any time of day or night. Online marketing offers the advantage of presenting the interactive promotional materials that can meet the expectations of each type of buyer. Instead of creating a single message, as happens in the promotion of mass, marketing online allows the creation of "interactive brochure" that allow potential customers to choose the information that they want to see and when they want to see. Changing consumer behavior have had thoughts of marketing people who understand that the Internet is a very effective tool to attract, retain and loyalty the customer.

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