Entrepreneur: between the old and the new. Portrait of Romanian entrepreneur


Difficult to capture in precise strokes of a definition of entrepreneur is not only linguistic but also chronological connotations. Entrepreneur or business leader or intraprenor, designer or manager, are all "hats" of entrepreneurship or a mood that is creating new business at risk pressure to obtain the expected profit. This explains the need to recognize such a character profile, characteristics and mode of action creates situations that they face. Amplification of entrepreneurship and thus increase the number of people who create their own business, own business have as motivators: independent lifestyle, consider entrepreneurs as heroes, demographics, increasing share of services, new technologies, cultivating entrepreneurship, development of the Internet and globalization. The transformation of a person into an entrepreneur is influenced by four variables: the situation, psychological, sociological and economic. These are all plans that are designed impregnated cultural entrepreneur personality in which it evolves and you need entrepreneur must assume. In Romania, entrepreneurship even encouraged, financed and newer - educated, is just beginning. Who is Romanian entrepreneurs who are its features and are accomplishments are some of his recent studies and research findings at the last minute. To what extent can help individual entrepreneur and social welfare are some of the questions answered theoretically predictable. Practically answer is incomplete.


entrepreneur; entrepreneurship; Romanian entrepreneur

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