Implementation of RCM (Retail Classification Methodology) concept in the distribution system

Ioana Barin


RCM is a methodology through which are described the details of identification and clustering (classification) the outlets, and the customers who visit them. Classification is based on various
criteria, which concern both the seller and the buyer. The information resulted from classification makes possible the clustering of different locations which help improve planning
and resource allocation, organize the activities and evaluation decisions. This article’s purpose is to provide clear information as regards: outletsr classification methodology, the importance
of implementation, basic information vs. value-added  information, data accuracy and maintainance of information The role of this methodology is to provide clear methods for classification and grouping the locations, based on the identification of clients and retailers.values/ similar needs.


retailers classification; basic information; value-added information; implementation system

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ISSN: 2344-1321 (online)